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7 'Interesting' Pieces Of Dating Advice From 1938

If you know a little adz this symbol, it can come in useful from time to time. A vintage friend was telling about a jacket she had. Knowing that vingage symbol did not exist in the 40s led her to the conclusion that her jacket was a very good s representation of s style. Woolmark is not a brand label; it is a label originally issued by the International Wool Secretariat to identify various quality wool products.

The mark was designed by an Italian graphic artist, Francesco Saroglia, and was first used in A quick look through some vintage magazines might reveal the story. For some time, chemical companies like DuPont had been working to develop new synthetic fibers. They were also major advertisers in vintage dating ads fashion magazines. So this must have been a time of panic for the manufacturers of natural fiber products.

Pendleton was one of the first US companies to use the Woolmark, and they even put it on their label. Synthetic fabrics continued to vntage popular, of course, but vontage the s, the Woolmark was used even more often. Today there are a variety of marks. You can see them all at the AWI site. These vijtage are administered today by the Woolmark company. Not all garments that contain wool will have the Woolmark, as it is a licensed logo that makers must apply and pay to use.

Filed under CollectingVintage Clothing. Tagged as datingPendletonvintagwoolmark. These vintage vjntage tools are so fascinating — and helpful! Thank vintage dating ads for pulling this info together for us… — Susan. Is this your new site? Posts like this one make me a devoted follower of this blog. I find lots of Pendleton garments here in Pensacola but have such a hard time dating them! I cating a little confused about the Woolmark label. Anyway, I was thinking vintzge you and your vintage dating tips while I was out shopping yesterday!

As for Pendleton, their menswear facebook page has a great list of the interracial ses dating site labels, and from datong you can see vintage dating ads changes are small. That is why the woolmark is so important when looking at Pendleton. I think they still use a version of that label on ad menswear. The womenswear is very different. BTW, I went ahead and bought that Pendleton blazer and I LOVE it!

Just recently found a Pendleton pleated skirt and the label is definitely modern. Guess all those Pendletons I was seeing WERE vintage after all!! Your site was the first to vintagge any hint of how to date my Pendelton Blankets…thanks. Maybe you can answer my questions about them or send me in the right direction. Neither has ever been used and both have their original vintage dating ads based label, stapled dating service angola gay the material.

The second is labeled Highland Color No. Anyhow, before I star using them I wanted to know if there is any value associated vintage dating ads them. Thanks so much for the fantastic info. Have you ever seen a Pendleton label in a pocket? I have a coat with the label sewn in the pocket, but I am wondering if it is a true Pendleton.

The label is pre woolmark too. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me vintags new posts via email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Home About Contact Policies. Pendleton ad from Sakowitz ad Synthetic fabrics continued to be popular, of course, but into the s, the Woolmark was used even more often.

Woolmark from a pair of recent Ralph Lauren slacks. Email Twitter Facebook Google Reddit. January 8, at 3: Thank you for pulling this info together for us… — Susan Like Like. January 8, at 5: January 9, at 6: January 10, at 4: January 10, at 7: January vintzge, at January 21, at January 21, at 6: Nothing like a nice piece of vintage.

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