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This past week, I got a bunch of online dating sexting before meeting on OKCupid. Both were seemingly nice guys — attractive with ambition and wit. Hot Doctor is just finishing up med school and has a smile that would charm the knickers off grandma. Eligible bachelors on free dating websites and in life are pretty hard to come by, so I decided to message them back.

After talking to both of my suitors one on Gchat and the other on OKCupid instant messenger for several days in a row about things like family, hobbies, and careers, they both brought up the topic of sex. My ex was very shy, insecure and reserved, even in private, and since I love doing certain things in a relationship and want the girl to enjoy them, I like a girl who is open and able to do the same sexually and romantically. I responded by telling him that I online dating sexting before meeting slightly taken back by his question, but that I also have a personality similar to his.

I think a woman needs to have somewhat of a wild side nothing like that 50 Shades of Grey book though lol. A big, big giver. Initially, that weirded me out. And unlike a lot of the creepers who reach out to me, Hot Doctor seemed to think online dating sexting before meeting it as a valid discussion point— a genuine variable that could affect a partnership. But I happen to have a high sex drive, so his questioning may have actually served a purpose for both of us.

Also, who turns down oral sex? I told him yes, I was, and he proceeded to gay hiv positive dating me how often I would ideally want to have sex in a relationship. I was just kidding. I quite enjoy my ability to walk. I could want it more, I could want it less. So I answered both of them — honestly enough. I want to be appreciated and liked for my personality, not for my bedroom habits.

I know online dating sexting before meeting these guys, like every other single person out there, are simply trying to find their perfect match. Each profile is there to offer you a take it or leave it option. Because sex is such a personal topic to discuss before actually meeting face-to-face, do I write off the men who ask me about it or should I just take their questions with a grain of salt, as I would if they were asking me about my favorite football team?

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