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Discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men. You are REQUIRED to read these before posting. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. Here's a Glossary of Shaming Tacticstry to be creative escrot avoid these. We know you won't, that's why you're esdort to spot. Official Fail Safe Forums Currently Locked.

Read the following white female asian male dating site and the Theory Reading below. Women, the most responsible teenager in the house. Goals - A beginners guide on how to attain them. How To Tease Bitches. How To Manage Your Bitches. Puerarchy The Rational Male Illimitable Men Dalrock Alpha Game Chateau Heartiste, aka Roissy The Red Pill Room Private Man A Voice For Men Shrink 4 Men Owning Your Shit.

So, what's the annd between escort and dating 101 an escort, shooting porn, and compensated dating in the eyes of the law? Seems like all 3 are about exchanging money for promise of sex, yet only one is illegal, whilst the other two are more or less frowned upon by society. Seems kind of bullshit if you ask me, as both parties can choose to participate or not.

I can totally see SJW's and Feminazis having a seizure fit when porn and compensated dating are legal. My take is, all 3 involve choices of individual freedom between consenting adults, so they should all be legal. But as a male in this society, I'd like to protect myself by better understanding the law. Government hates the competition from escorts, as the government is very much involved in the business of fucking you and taking your money. And yet, in such left wing country such adting Netherlands, prostitution is legal.

Seems like a paradox, as the state taxes citizen heavily to keep them in tow, yet allowing prostitution. Sweden is feminist utopia. Turns out feminist utopias are perfectly tenderized kebabs for muslim migrants. Can totally see the country doing metal gymnastic, trying to reconcile feminism without being labeled racist. Da fuq, how is it possible to be legal to sell but illegal to buy. It's like saying drug dealers are legal, but drug procurer is illegal.

Another bullshit cooked up by SJW's and Feminazis. I bet the reason is that women are always the victims. It's legal not a criminal or civil offense to possess datkng use drugs, but it can be a criminal offense to supply large amounts. So, pretty much, if it's in your system, but no physical evidence, you were OK. In Canada weed is officially illegal but: A ewcort is a different story, and if you are up on weapon charges or some other offense then they will throw possession into the mix but generally if a cop catches you smoking a joint they will simply escort and dating 101 it off you and toss escort and dating 101 down the nearest sewer.

In general, there is nothing illegal about getting stoned or being stoned. Yeah, I'd call central bankers whores too, but the way I see it, they're the pimps and we're the hoes. Permit me to issue and control escory money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws! I personally don't like the man for destroying the world economy, but I respect how he took care of himself, his family and race. We need more men ecort this, except in the escort and dating 101 way.

European Jews Ashkenazi Jews are not Jewish at all. They are khazars from the kingdom of khazaria, a superpower during the Byzantine empire and Islamic caliphate. He helps the khazars that further their agenda, considering those who act against them as outsiders even their own blood. They've done well as a group because they don't let anyone divide them.

Every other peoples are separated and work against each other because of religious, racial, national and socio-economic differences, which is weird. We ALL want a just and then peaceful society but because you're only my 6th cousin, and not my 3rd, you can go fuck yourself. In layman terms, only smart jews reproduced while the rest of us let too many morons enter the gene pool that forgot the term united we stand, divided we fall. Except that most housewives spend the money the same way and expect to be rewarded for being the highest priced whores on the market.

Welcome to western society. Controlled prostitution stabilizes a country, since you have no sexually frustrated men rebelling around. Fat Mike from nofx has a line in a song about this. I never really understood why. First they put away the dealers, keep datign safe and off the street. Then they put away the prostitutes, keep married men cloistered at home.

Then escort and dating 101 shoo away the bums, and beat and escorf the Queens. Funny, there was no one left to notice, when they came for us. Porn is outlawed in a lot of countries. They tried to outlaw it here but god bless the constitution for ensuring freedom of porn. Sexuality had to be escort and dating 101 and religion did it.

Once the society secularizes and the church is dethroned, as it is in the process of being, it'll be legalized. The main obstruction if it has to pass by vote in the US is women. Women seek to control access to pussy and they make up a huge voting block. Remember, all these post wall women, don't want to see men happy. They would prefer men especially older men that dumped them all suffer as they are.

American women are uniquely bitter because of their privilege and the emptiness that has brought them. Yes, the modern women lives an empty, shallow existence. Also, criminalizing a non crime is a must so that the state can control males and make money off them through the court system and prison system. Don't underestimate the behemoth industry gay dating in florida law enforcement.

Johns are easy targets to be shaken down for money. Big business does not want to lose escorrt on revenue. But, don't worry, because VR sex robots will be better in every way. Once VR sex dominates all society, I expect women will want prostitution so they can at least make some money off their real vag instead of getting nothing for it. The amount of propaganda by the government to brainwash betas into not checking out is going to be awe inspiring.

Prepare for some serious indoctrination. I live in the south of China. It is a twisted world where a communist dictatorship and a military junta offer more freedom than a so-called escort and dating 101.

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