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Asian girls do you like mexican guys?

Just curious, since I don't see this combo very often. I personally find Asian guys attractive but I've never been hit on by one Of course we are, there is no other nationality to like but you girls. My 18 yr old nephew prefers dating Mexican girls. I think it all depends. Maybe Asian dudes don't think Latinas dig them, so they don't try.

I think unless the Asian guy is into some major Asian clique, a hot chick is a hot chick. Yes, show him some signs of interest im sure they would come flocking. It's not rocket science - if you're interested in someone, say something. Maybe it works in your favor, maybe it doesn't. Can't score if you don't shoot. There are definitely some of us who are.

I'm an equal opportunity lover. David is on point since in general it looks asian guy dating mexican on the most part Asian dudes only get love from other Asians. I flirted with an Asian guy once He looked like I scared him Don't know if I'd go for another Asian asian guy dating mexican unless I knew for sure he was interested. But uhhh, I'm not Latina This Asian girl dxting attracted to Latinos.

Asian woman with the exception of me generally lack curves. Latinas have all kinds of curves and they might not be used to it. Plus they are stereotyped to not be packing down there and might be intimidated. I'm attracted to Asian guy dating mexican and my last gf asian guy dating mexican Mexican. I think David and Terry hit it spot on. I wouldn't have asked her out if she hadn't shown signs she was interested. Quit sitting on the sidelines waiting for the guy and do something first.

Thanks for the replies, I guess now that I know that some are into Latinas, I wont be shy if I approach a cute Asian guy. Illegal firework at the end But you have to understand most Asian men don't express themselves well in counter to the Latino population. I couldn't wear a turtle neck because she knows I never wear them and it was the middle asian guy dating mexican spring.

If they weren't I would aisan have been born. My dad is Chinese and my mom guj Mexican. Okay, so if Asian guys are into latinas then WHY dont they approach them or ask them out? Norma- maybe it's our eyebrows? They don't know if we are surprised, or interested? I LOVE latin women. Probably gone out with more latin women than asian. I didn't think that Asian men would be into Latin women. This is a cool thread.

Asian men just aren't as forward as Latino's. Yes I'm generalizing, but you kind of have to on a thread like this. Maybe they're interested, but its harder to read their ques. I'm probably not a good person to give advice though since almost all my bf's etc have been latino. Well, my BF now is Asian, but I never would have guess he would have been into me. This is the first Asian guy who has ever tried to aian to me for more than just friends.

This is true Gloria. Only one Asian man has ever approached me. I also went out with a Filipino boy once high school. I wonder what Asian moms would think if their son brought one of us home. Are Asian mothers tolerant of their sons dating outside of their race if the woman is not white? I can't speak for every family, but my mom always said that my grandparents were really nice to her. She actually said that they were nicer to her than her ex-husbands parents and he was Mexican like her.

I know that when it's reversed- it's not the same. My old co worker married a white man she's Filipino. His family treats her differently, and treats their child differently than the other grandchildren. Her family said that they were happy that she married a White man. I asked her why, and she said that in Asian cultures- if you marry a White person, it's "trading up".

That seems so sad. I think most Asian guys would be interested in Latino girls. However, I think most Asian guys assume they wouldn't be interested in Asian guys. Main reason you never see asian guy with something other than asian girls is that popular culture makes it seem that vuy one but asian asian guy dating mexican are interested in asian guys. Also asian guys are ghy shy in front of girls teen dating research like so if u notice they act weird, stare at u, or stopp talking when u get near them its a sign.

It's just that most of the time they asian guy dating mexican to have more "fire" than what we can handle LoL. I don't think that's the case for all Dting guys. Many can be very aggressive as far as macin' on chics. Azian with any ethnicity, you'll have shy ppl and aggressive ppl. But, I do agree with you that most non-Asian girls aren't interested in Asian guys. As far as the opposite, many other ethnicities are interested in Asian girls.

This board is funny. I'm equal opportunity and have dated some Asian guy dating mexican in past. I'm old fashioned and it's the MEN who need to stop sitting on the sidelines, get off their butts, and asian guy dating mexican making some moves on the ladies. I'm sorry, but i do NOT chase or hunt down anyone. You gotta work to get me Asian men do like Latinas. Im lucky my Mom is pretty open minded. She has always been accepting of any of the Gfs shes met.

That depends, are Filipino guys considered Asian? Because as a Mexican girl, I was never attracted to Asian dudes, then this guys comes along, writing these crazy awesome reviews and bam, I fell in love. And apparently, he's always had a thing mexixan Mexican chicks. I'd say hell ya asian guy dating mexican do!! I've dated latina women in the past and Oh ya latina asian guy dating mexican are haute! Assian I do like J-Lo, Penelope Cruz, Eva Mendes, Eva Longoria, Salma Hayak.

Generally, I usually don't hit on latins or vice versa. But any guy you show interest in who is also open minded may take notice. In general, I don't date a lot at all, but I think Asian men are very attractive and some have hit on me though I'm Black and Jamaican. Once someone learns about another, many of those fears subside though so that's good.

I think since men are expected to be the pursuers it creates a challenge if they think a particular woman is already disinterested from the get go. But any couple combo is possible with two interested parties. Of course we are attracted to mexican women, but some are asian guy dating mexican to approach mexican datnig because I think it's sort of asian guy dating mexican mixed bag.

Asian guy dating mexican Asian families are getting more open, but I would say that many Asiab guys don't go for other ethnicities purely because of perceived cultural differences.

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