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By Shaily Hakimian July 15, From queer text study and institutional inclusion to profiles of queer clergy and youth voices, the Keshet blog features new ideas and reflections by and dating gay jewish LGBTQ Jews and jewiwh allies. The blog is jeaish by Keshet, a national grassroots organization with offices in Boston gy the Bay Area that works for the full inclusion and equality of LGBTQ Jews in all areas of Jewish life.

What does it mean to dating gay jewish Jewish and queer? What about dating queer and Jewish? Lesbian speed dating nj it make a difference? I am Shaily Hakimian from Lincolnshire, Illinois studying elementary education at Indiana University. I have been working in the LGBT movement since I was 14 — so about 8 years. I grew up going to Solomon Schechter Day School where I received a Conservative Jewish education as a Ejwish Dating gay jewish living in America.

My dad is from Iran and my mom is from Morocco, though she spent part of her life in Israel. My mom has always had a strong connection to Judaism. Though we have slipped slightly in our observance of kashrut among other things, she still pushes me on a regular basis to marry Jewish. I always think of what it would be like jweish someone who was not Jewish to Israel to meet my family. What would my xating think?

In Israel, the gag of a Jewish person not marrying another Jew are slim. But in the U. Over the years I have tried datihg understand why my mom and other relatives always pushed this so hard on me. Why is it so important for me to date Jewish? This is one of those conversations where I could see why dating Jewish is so important. From my life so far, I have seen Judaism as spending jewisj with my family during Dating gay jewish and holidays, as organizations giving me free food on campus, as dressing up for Purim and having an excuse to get drunk, as a global community.

I always tell my friends dating gay jewish meeting someone else who is Jewish is like an inside joke. I feel like there is so much I already know about a person just after meeting them. We have a shared experience. To me, this is turning into my reason why I hope to commit to someone Jewish. Most of my activist work has been in the youth and education sector of the LGBT etc. But over the last few years, I have looked closer at my own intersection of Jewish queerness.

I have gone to Tel Aviv pride and I have lead Jewish caucuses at both Creating Change and MBLGTACCboth queer conferences, among other things. I have spoken to people who work in the area of Jewish queerness and I have talked to Jews who work throughout the LGBT movement. The stories I hear from grownups in this movement have made me reflect on my upbringing.

Another dating gay jewish member of a national Datibg organization was in a relationship for over a decade with a man who was not Jewish but is proudly connected to dating gay jewish synagogue. I asked a woman at a conference if she was Jewish because I just had that feeling and she said yes, but said she had not done anything in years and implied that maybe she does jewosh count. I say this from the dwting of a young person who sees all the efforts on campus to keep Jewish young people connected.

There has been a huge effort to get young Jews to meet each other and potentially date. The pride is still there amongst all eating Jewish dating gay jewish people I mentioned, jeqish are we doing enough to keep that energy going to future generations? Is getting people to date something we want to prioritize with Jewish queers as it has been done with straight Jews throughout the Jewish movement?

I have dated my jewis share of Jews and non-Jews, but none too seriously. Who knows, I may not ever meet anyone I commit to or maybe Dating gay jewish will fall for a non-Jew. Who knows, but this is where Jewidh stand right now. My opinions may change over time. I am sharing this as an insight to my mind. I hope that this blog post can start a dialogue. Please feel free to respond to this post. As a young person, I datiny so much to learn but I also have so much to teach.

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