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A funny thing happened on the way to researching Facebook pages for my gay dating advice site. I found out that the most popular Facebook page for gay dating turns out to cater to members of one of the most closeted institution in America: Gay Military Dating 29, 2. Gay Bachelor 16, 3. Hugz For Gay Thugz Dating 12, 4. Gay Dating Expert 7, 5. Gay Mature Dating 6, Click here to see the next five in the top 10 Facebook pages devoted to gay dating.

Daing at how low those numbers are! I was surprised at how little gay men use Facebook as a way of meeting other guys. Numbr, you can hit number one gay dating site your friend's friends a long tradition with our peoplebut there are surprisingly few gay men who belong to Facebook pages that are devoted to getting guys to meet each other. For the record, I'm not counting the Facebook offshoots of large dating and hook up sites like Manhunt or GrindR, but organic pages devoted to gay dating, of which there are hundreds.

Just type in "Gay dating" in Facebook's search box and you'll see what I mean. In fact, the reason I did the research is datong Facebook does not rank the gay dating pages by how many members are in it, so it's incredibly difficult to figure out who the real players are without combing through hundreds of listings. While there are hundreds of pages, very few people actually belong to sote technically, "Liked" them. Most likely, it's because Facebook does not give number one gay dating site the privacy or anonymity that large dating or hookup sites online give you.

You don't have to put your real name or what you do or who your friends are. Hell, you don't even have to put a picture of your face up there. Torso shots will do. But on Facebook, that's not vating. So the only people who join Facebook's gay dahing pages are people who are so far out of the closet they can't find their shoes.

So how is it possible that datimg most popular Facebook page belongs to a closeted group like gays in the military? Presumably, all the members are former military. What else could explain the irony? But wait there's more. There are two other popular pages whose members belong to highly closeted skte African-Americans and older Americans. Members of the most closeted groups use the most blatantly open ons to meet each other.

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IMPACT Reclaim Project Zero Good News. MORE Books Candidate Nukber College Crime Divorce Eat the Press Education Green Outspeak Religion Small Business Sports Teen Weddings. The Number One Facebook Page For Gay Dating Is Here's the list ranked by of Likes: Gay Mature Dating 6, Click here to see the next five in the top 10 Facebook pages devoted to gay number one gay dating site. Mike Alvear Author of Eat It Later. Gay Facebook Gay Dating.

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