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[SOLVED] How to re-flash the corrupted BIOS of a Dell Laptop using a USB drive

May 2nd, by Kai. Today Falsh spent half of my day clash to flash the BIOS of my homeserver dell bios update flash drive is a DELL Vostro running Linux. The Vostro system is not eqipped with a floppy drive. If you get weird error messages before you see the FreeDOS menu, turn off your system and unplug the SATA cables from your harddrives, then try again. BIOSDELLflashLinuxupdateUSB stickVostroVostro I cant format my flash drive as FAT and not FAT32!!!

NTFS wont let me create a DOS startup disk. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO???! I did upgraded the bios of upate DELL VOSTRO BTX with a preinstalled UBUNTU DELL provided only a windows compatible executable file A Thanks a lot for your support! Robert — use the win image extract the dell bios update flash drive from ODIN. You will need these files to create the bootable USB drive.

Thank you so much Kai you saved me! Also Andrei if it were not for you I would have been sol! My issue T with a faulty HD out the box. This was a brand new machine ordered for a client. I deell performing Windows and Dell updates. Upon a restart I could no longer boot into Windows. This was on a RAID 5. Dell replaced the primary drive as it showed up as foreign in RAID controller. After replacing drive and rebuilding the RAID I was still unable to boot into Windows yuck!

I also could not reinstall windows! Blue screens every time. Using the above instructions to reinstall previous BIOS ver 7 and I am able to reinstall OS. Posting to help others…thanks so much! Download WinImage and extract the files from the image if you are on Windows. If you are on a Mac, just double-click the image. I followed your Instruction and jpdate to update ehe Bios dell bios update flash drive an Studiohttp: Mail will not be published required.

You can use these tags: Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. My XING profile Webmail. Kais blog its about technology, fun and other stuff. Feed on Posts Comments. Flash DELL BIOS from USB stick May 2nd, by Kai. Download ODIN, upfate is a FreeDOS distribution: I used vell within a virtual machine running Windows 7.

Make sure you format it as FAT and not FAT Now you have rdive bootable stick which is NOT compatible with your newer DELL system. Now copy the contents of the extracted odin Copy your BIOS file as well. Type the name of the update tool at the command prompt. April 4, at June 13, at August 20, at November 16, at December 10, at March 10, at Flaah 27, at April 11, at May 7, at May 31, at August 22, at June 8, at September 19, at September updtae, at Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

Upgrading from ESXi 6. Interessanter Job in Hamburg:

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